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Chairman’s new Season Message Autumn 2017

Chairman’s new Season Message Autumn 2017

Chairmans message
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This “start of season” message is going out to you a little late this year. My excuse is that for some reason, there seems to have been an endless list of things to sort out which I could never quite get on top of. However, as usual our hard working committee has got most things running smoothly.

Worth a special mention in this regard is our long suffering Club captain, Rob Ledger who has had a frantic few weeks arranging (juggling?) squads in order to field teams for our friendlies; I think he is a bit stressed (he hides it well beneath that calm exterior) so if you get a chance, give him pat on the back, or even a hug. With patchy availability at this time of year it is always tough, so please also continue to help him and the captains by communicating promptly - and by making yourselves available!

I’m pleased to say we’ve already had a good influx of new members this year, especially juniors & ladies and I’d like to extend a very big welcome to all of you. We never, ever take it for granted that you choose to join B&W, given the multitude of excellent clubs in the Bristol area – so “THANK YOU” and we hope you love being with us!

Those of you who attended the AGM and Awards Night at the end of last season will have heard me talk about personal development and the importance I place on it. Hockey these days is a multi-generation game like never before, with some players continuing into their 70s. At the same time, it has become a far more physically demanding game and many of the key skills have changed. The club expects you to take full advantage of the training sessions that it provides to continue your development over your playing career. One of the greatest contributions you can give to your club (and yourself!) is by taking personal responsibility for maximising your level of achievement, whatever your age or experience. I think the key areas are;

• Body condition, fitness and flexibility
• Learning and mastering new skills

The first is obvious, but not easy to achieve as it requires self-discipline and just plain old hard work. The second is so often overlooked by older players but in this category I include the forehand slap, the reverse slap and the reverse hit – everyone should master these! To do these successfully requires a good degree of flexibility (see point 1) and for most, a lot of practice. Our coaching team are always more than happy to assist you mastering these key skills. You simply can’t play modern hockey well without them!

The juniors have got off to a flying start this year with a big boost in numbers at our training session on Monday evenings. The Badgers have been in action already (see Junior Section of the website) with two great matches and our U12 have their first festival next weekend. At the other end of the club, the Masters have their first EH competition game the week after that.

Finally, continuing on the subject of personal development, you should be aware that your club commits to fully fund courses that people wish to attend to help them give back to their club. As an example, over the next few weeks we have no fewer than 9 people doing EH coaching courses! We always, need umpires and coaches so just ask – the answer is (probably) yes!

I hope you all have a very enjoyable and of course, successful season.

Andy Bryce

Club day and dates

Forthcoming events at Bristol & West Hockey Club:
• Club Day:- 1pm - 5pm Saturday 2nd Sep at Ridings. This will include a BBQ and drinks, see here.
• Fitness Training:- 7pm – 8.30pm Wednesday 2nd – 30th Aug outside Hambrook Club on the grass.
• 1s/2s Training:- 7pm – 8pm Monday 7th – 21st Aug at Ridings
• 1s/2s Training:- 6.45pm – 8.55pm Thursday 31st August at Colstons, Stapleton, BS16 1BJ
• Men’s/Ladies Training:- 6.45pm – 8.55pm 6th September at Colstons
• Junior Training:- 7pm – 8pm 4th September at Ridings
• Hockey games start:- 9th September

Christmas Party

Christmas party 25th Nov 2017, bookings now available.

BWHC christmas 2016 thmb

Buy your tickets here

Bristol & West Hockey Club’s
Saturday 25th November 2017 7.30pm til 1am
 Festive Punch on arrival
 Three Course Dinner with Coffee or Tea
 Half a Bottle of House Wine per person
 Christmas Novelties
 Disco to party the night away
 Free Car Parking
£26.95 per person – rooms available, please book direct.
Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre
Bond Street
Tel: 0117 9245000
RSVP asap to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

West Masters Hockey

Come and watch some Masters hockey Jun 10th & 11th  

Bristol UWE

Full details in the pdf pdficon large 

B&W Men's First Team PROMOTED!

After securing promotion I managed to catch up pitch-side with Tom Bryant, First team captain, Coach and Mastermind of a memorable campaign for a Q&A.


Many congratulations Tom!  For those of us who have not experienced promotion for a while, could you remind us what it feels like?

It’s very rewarding to know that all the hard work we’ve put in over the season and pre-season has paid off and as a squad we’ve been able to achieve our aim. It feels just great, I recommend it.


I know you wanted to finish top and it all came down to the penultimate game against Cardiff University, that must have been an exciting game?

Yes, despite us coming out on the wrong side of a 1-0 result the match was very competitive and enjoyable. The lads really put a shift against a very strong Cardiff Uni 2s side who have the facility to train multiple times a week with their Premiership 1st team.


The team narrowly missed out on promotion last year.  What do you think were the key differences this year that made the difference?

This year we have built on what the squad learnt from last year. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming fitter and creating more of a team spirit within our huge performance squad. Missing out on promotion last year gave us the drive and determination to commit to our matches and put 100% in right to the end!


There was a bit of a post-Christmas “wobble” with poor results against Ross-On-Wye and Hereford, looking back now, why do you think that happened?

There was a post-Christmas wobble which I had feared as historically this has been detrimental to our results. Luckily, we quickly addressed what we needed to change which got us back on board with our promotion campaign. There were a few weeks where commitment faded, not just within our squad, but within the rest of the club which had a significant impact on our team. A club is only as good as its first team, and the first team is only as good as its club!


How do you think your squad has developed this year and is there anyone you’d particularly like to mention for their contribution, or was it a true ‘team endeavour’?

It was a true team endeavour! I would like to thank everyone from the 1st team training squad for their commitment, effort and dedication – through the good times and the bad! I would also like to thank the other Captains, especially Rob Ledger, who have been as flexible and accommodating as possible to give the 1st team priority. The team would also like to thank all of our supporters and sponsors this season including Danco PLC, 4Tech Ltd, Bryant Associates, PhysioElite, Hyperstate and some very generous club members!


Obviously with promotion comes new challenges in a stronger league.  Have you started making plans for next year or for now are you just enjoying the accomplishment?

Our planning for next year started at the beginning of the season with Summer League, the pre-season opposition we played and our training scheme to acclimatise us as best we can to higher level hockey in preparation. For the time being we are taking some time to enjoy the moment before Summer League and our pre-season training starts again.


Team Photograph to follow....

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England Hockey News

Players from Duchy, Stockport Bramhall and March Town included!

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